A few months ago, Balázs got infected with the “Stellar virus”. The easy yet powerful system behind the Stellar network and the Lumen cryptocurrency amazed him, and quickly he spread this amazement to the other team members.

So he started looking at the Stellar Federation protocol, and while he liked its simple and powerful approach he quickly discovered a potential security hole. What if somehow the web server hosting the stellar.toml file gets hacked? What if the Federation server gets hacked? These were the thoughts he had.

And clearly, the impact would be quite big, since then the attackers could redirect transfers aimed at name*example.com to whatever Stellar address they want.

So he started thinking about possible ways to secure it further, and one of the sources of inspiration were DNS-SECDNS over SSL and DKIM. These protocol extensions were invited to further increase security of crucial components, like DNS and Mail, which are at the core of the Internet.

Now, after months of intense work, we have a working protocol implementation and a Federation as a Service offering – ready for you to be used.

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