Hosted Federation Service & Security

With the Stellar Federation protocol, you are handing over the translation of symbolic names ("name*") to the Federation Server. Not running your own Federation Server is normally inherently insecure, as money originally supposed to be sent to you can be redirected by forging the Federation records. We have invented DKIF - a secure extension to the Federation protocol eliminating this risk!


Thanks to DKIF all records are signed - securely and tamper-proof!


Our service is free. No price tag attached!


No complicated setup needed - and tools ready for you to download

JavaScript, Linux & Web developers united to bring a secure Stellar Federation Service
Picture of Balázs with his two sons

Balázs Zachár

Chief of Team

Linux Sysadmin, Python & Go developer, Docker master & security specialist

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Helmuth Breitenfellner

WordPress Editor

Editor of the content you see here.


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